RELEASE DATE: 30 April 2022

Luxuria: A Monster Romance

Shades of Sin 1

Ophelia has a dirty secret.
Well, it’s not really a secret anymore.

Ophelia was born into a family of Hunters, tasked with protecting the humans from the creatures of the night who feast on their fear.

Except Ophelia always found the idea of monsters kind of intriguing. She even made the grave sin of committing some X-rated monster thoughts to paper—which in hindsight may not have been the best idea because her parents were mortified—but you live and learn. Well, everyone finds out your secret, you get banished from society, and then you learn.

But the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Ophelia has been waiting for to make good on some of those fantasies has arrived. The King of Shades requires a hunter bride, and Ophelia is the best fit for the job.

Now she just needs to convince her surly monster husband, Allerick, that she’s the best fit for him.

Luxuria: A Monster Romance is an MF standalone arranged marriage romance between a human and her not-quite-human husband suitable for readers 18+


  • Breeding kink
  • Primal play


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  • Luxuria

    Book 1

  • Superbia

    Book 2

  • Gula

    Book 3

  • Avaritia

    Book 4

  • Ira

    Book 5

  • Invidia

    Book 6

  • Acedia

    Book 7