Bonus Content

You'll find all the bonus content for my books here—novellas, short stories, extended epilogues, the works.

Please note that they may contain spoilers.


Shades of Sin

Luxuria - holiday bonus scene

This takes place shortly after the end of Luxuria.

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Cheeky Fairy Tales

Three Bears - Extended Epilogue

This bonus scene takes place soon after the main events of Golden Chaos. If you haven’t read Golden Chaos, you should probably do that first.

If you don’t want to read that first then, er, enjoy the smut, I guess?

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Three Bears - A Goldilocks Christmas

A 9k-word Christmas short story, featuring Ria and your three favorite bear shifters.

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Three Bears and Two Babies

A look into Ria and her harem's future.

TW: Childbirth

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State of Grace

Run Wild

See the moment Wild first laid eyes on Grace.

Events take place six months before the start of Run Riot, but this bonus scene is best read after Silver Bullet.

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Deadly Dragons

Deadly Dragons - bonus smut

This scene takes place after the events of The Not Satisfied Dragon and contains spoilers for the Deadly Dragons Duet.

Also, this is basically close to 4k words of pure group smut. Turn back now if such material offends you.

One year after the events at the Council, Shira is mated, happy, and feeling... curious.

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Deadly Dragons - extended epilogue

This bonus scene contains spoilers for the Deadly Dragons Duet.

Shira and her mates enjoy their first Winter Solstice with their little addition to the family.

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Empath Found

My Name is Saffir

Find out how Saffir and the twins got their happily ever after.

Contains spoilers for the entire Empath Found trilogy.

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Blood Nor Money

Halloween in New Orleans

Halloween in New Orleans is a short story introducing three of the four main characters from Blood Nor Money. It can be read as a prequel.

We’re coming for you, amor meus. We’ll always keep you safe, whether you want us to or not.

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