Three Bears: Extended Epilogue


This bonus epilogue takes place soon after the main events of Golden Chaos, the second book of the Three Bears duet, and contains spoilers for the series.


Chapter 1


Having a bond with Ria was the greatest. I could shove love at her all day long, check in on her emotions obsessively, and occasionally push sexy feelings her way at inopportune moments just to see her reaction. Particularly when she was working, or if Lacey or any of her mates came around.

There was something incredibly satisfying about watching her eyes narrow in annoyance even as she bit her lip all sexy and inviting. It meant the pay off when we were finally alone together was incredible. Ria tackling me onto the bed was the closest she got to a Domme, and I fucking loved experimenting with our dynamic.

One thing bonds were not great for was hiding things. Ria was giving me such blatantly suspicious looks, there was no question she knew I was trying to lock down my excitement.

Annoyingly, I could tell my brothers were doing a better job than me because all of Ria’s skepticism was directed at me.

Those stone cold bastards.

Noah shot me a get it together look from across the table as he morosely moved his Monopoly piece around the board. That was probably why he was having so much success disguising our surprise—board games made him naturally surly.

I kicked Seth under the table, hurrying him along. He was the one that was starting the shenanigans, and he was taking his sweet time about it.

“Ria,” he said eventually. “Would you like some dessert?”

Go time.

“She has had enough,” I answered for her, doing my best impression of an English accent. “No fiance of mine will be a glutton.”

It was hard not to grin at the look on her face, but I didn’t want to break character. Ria’s jaw dropped open as she looked over to me, the wheels turning in her head. “Are you… Is that…”

“It would do you well to observe Lady Mary,” I continued, lounging in my chair like I was drunk. “She has an example figure that any young lady would be wise to aspire to.”

“Exemplary,” Seth hissed. Wasn’t that what I said?

Ria laughed, before attempting to school her features into an offended face.

“Watch your tongue,” Noah growled in a fairly convincing imitation of the grumpy duke from the book. I checked the bond and did my best not to laugh. We had this whole elaborate thing planned, and Ria was already horny as fuck just from those three words. Maybe we’d have to cut the games short.

I was putting her excitement down to her fictional Duke Edmond fetish, or I’d get pettily jealous that I didn’t have as good of a growly voice as my oldest brother did.

“Seth’s your dad,” I stage whispered, because Ria looked like she wasn’t sure where to deliver her lines.

“Father, may I be excused?” she asked Seth, trying and failing to hide a grin. Noah was the more natural choice since she called him 'Daddy Bear' anyway, but all of this was leading to a steamy scene between the Duke and Lady Whatsherface. Shit, should have paid more attention.

Noah and Ria had some catching up to do on the alone time front, and let it never be said that Seth and I weren't good brothers. Tonight was just for them.

“Are you well, daughter?” Seth asked, wrinkling his nose slightly at the title.

“I feel a little faint,” Ria replied, dramatically fanning her face.

Noah stood dramatically, the chair shoving backwards noisily, right on script. Damn, he was actually a decent actor. Ria stood slowly, fluttering her lashes at him. She was meant to be smitten with the Duke already, but it wasn’t like she was acting—the lust that was rapidly uncoiling was very, very real. Damn it, why had we agreed to sit this one out? I'd just be sitting on the couch, dick in my hand, feeling her orgasms through the bond.

Maybe I’d count them. Then I could whisk Ria off for my own alone time another day and give her double. That could be a fun game...

Seth kicked me under the table, reminding me to pay attention. Ria looked to him for direction and he tilted his chin at the stairs, instructing her to head up there. In the book, Elizabeth snuck out through the kitchens and ran through the woods in the middle of the night, but we weren't about to risk Ria getting pneumonia for a sex game, so she'd have to use her imagination and run around the house.

Seth and I would make up the Duke's search party, but Noah would be the one to find her.

Ria swept up the stairs like she was wearing a long fancy gown instead of a pair of leggings, thick socks, and my knitted sweater, and I grinned at Seth.

We crept up the stairs behind her, knowing she was hiding in the studio. Poor Goldie was at a hell of a disadvantage without shifter hearing.

“Lady Elizabeth,” I sang, remembering the character’s name and pretending I was looking for her. “Are you out here?”

I heard a muffled giggle from underneath Ria's work table as I walked into the studio. She crawled out from behind the desk as I pretended to look away, making her way back into the hallway. Her ass swayed with each movement, and I wondered again why I was such a kind, generous brother.

The shuffling sound of her crawling morphed into light tip toes in the hallway, and the bathroom door creaked the slightest amount as Ria snuck in. I hung around in the studio, pretending to look around like I was searching through the estate’s garden.

“Lady Elizabeth,” Seth murmured, not putting nearly enough effort into his acting game. I'd have to give him pointers later. “You must be out here somewhere. Your fiancé is concerned for your safety, my lady.”

He was supposed to be looking in the woods, but hadn’t bothered to go far in because no helpless woman would run that far into the forest or whatever. Except reckless Lady Elizabeth was determined to get away from the estate, so she had run headfirst into the woods, only to fall and the Duke to find her.

Amusement and affection warred with lust inside Ria, and I shoved love at her through the bond which she eagerly returned. We were definitely going to need to ask her about other books she liked. Next time, I wanted to be the duke. Or maybe the king? Or a knight. I’d be a good knight.

Seth let himself into his old bedroom, now left empty. With the hallway clear, Ria snuck back out, and the stairs creaked as she made her way back down towards our bedroom, a willing prey going into Noah's trap.

Seth and I gave her a moment before we made our way down to the living room, both satisfied with our role in the evening's events. Whether Ria was satisfied or not was on Noah. 

Chapter 2


I didn’t think my mates understood the magnitude of what they'd just started. Oh sure, they were all feeling smug as fuck at the moment, but little did they know that they'd now set the bar impossibly high. Every time we played board games from this day forward, I was going to demand sexy role play afterwards. This was my new gold standard.

Noah's anticipation spurred me on as I pretended to dart through the house like I was running through the depths of the woods in the dark. How had Duke Edmond come across Lady Elizabeth again?

Oh, that's right. She'd tripped on a tree root and fallen. He'd found her on the ground, angry at herself for not taking a moment to find more sensible shoes before she left. I threw myself noisily onto the ground in the short hallway that led to our bedroom, sniffling dramatically.

Someone give me an Oscar. Best Actress in a Sexual Roleplay.

Not two seconds later, Noah was there, scooping me off the ground and throwing me over his shoulder. I squealed indignantly as lust shot through my system, pretending to squirm in his grip. Noah swatted my butt impatiently, striding into the candlelit bedroom.

“You've caused quite enough trouble for tonight, Lady Elizabeth,” he growled.

“Get your hands off me,” I gasped indignantly. “How dare you? After everything…” I trailed off as though I were overcome with emotion.

At this point in the book, Duke Edmond and Lady Elizabeth had already spent the night together, but after all the promises he'd made and the wild sexual chemistry they had, the Duke panicked and backed off, thinking Lady Elizabeth deserved someone with a milder temperament, like his dreadful cousin. He'd gone over her head to ensure the engagement remained intact even after she'd run the first time, and Elizabeth was livid.

Horny and heartbroken, but mostly livid.

“You could have died out there,” Noah hissed, his hands flexing on my hips.

“You sentenced me to death when you set me aside,” I snarled, not quite recalling the lines, but getting the general gist of it right. This is what they get for not giving me a heads up. Zero rehearsal time.

In one smooth movement, Noah was sitting on the bed and had me laid over his lap, my head spinning for a moment at the sudden change in position. He didn't give me a chance to recover, yanking my leggings and panties down my legs and landing a hard smack on my ass.

I tried to muster up some of Lady Elizabeth's outrage, but at the end of the day I wasn't Lady Elizabeth. I was Ria, and I was horny, and spanking got me in the mood.

I felt Noah's amusement as I arched back into the smacks he was alternating on each cheek, forgetting my lines entirely. Something about how he had no right, and what did he think he was doing?

“You could have died,” Noah prompted, punctuating each word with a hard swat.

“What concern of yours is that?” I asked, recalling the lines. It was one of my favorite parts of the story.

Noah's movements paused, his hand cupping my stinging skin, rubbing soothing circles that only encouraged the deep burn to morph into tingling pleasure. “Everything about you is my concern, Lady Elizabeth. Your health. Your happiness. Your present. Your future. I have no desire to live in a world without you.”

“Do not toy with me, sir,” I replied breathily, recalling how Elizabeth’s hope tinged with wariness had dripped off the pages.

“I am keeping you, Lady Elizabeth,” Noah growled, one finger pushing roughly into my pussy, making me cry out. “I was foolish to think I could let you go.” Another finger joined the first, and I pushed back against him, my orgasm embarrassingly close already.

“Forgive me,” he demanded, rapidly driving me towards my peak, but holding off right before I could get there. “Forgive me, and I will give you what you are silently begging for.”

“Love me,” I shot back, squirming for more friction. “Love me. Keep me. Stay true to your word. Only then will you have my forgiveness.”

“I have loved you since the moment I saw you,” Noah rasped, a third finger pushing me over the edge. I buried my face in the comforter, clawing at it for purchase as he guided me through one body-wracking orgasm and into another.

His fingers withdrew with an embarrassingly wet sound that made satisfaction surge through him. Noah arranged me like a doll, laying me on my front on the bed, yanking my hips into the air. I moaned in ecstasy at the first flick of his tongue as the final tremors of my double orgasm ran through me.

Noah's strong hands grasped the back of my thighs, holding me in place, making me accept what he gave me at his pace. I couldn't even remember if this bit was in the book, but I didn't care. Not when his tongue swirled expertly at my entrance before fucking me achingly slowly with his mouth.

“Gimme your dick,” I slurred, lust drunk.

We were definitely out of character now. Lady Elizabeth would never.

Noah smacked the side of my thigh lightly before resuming his leisurely feast.

“Rude,” I groused, attempting to push back against his mouth even as his grip kept me firmly in place.

“Come on my tongue, then you can have my dick,” Noah replied, cool as can be, angling his head so his tongue could flick casually at my clit. His beard scratched deliciously against my thighs and my eyes fell shut as I edged towards bliss again. In a move that must have been coordinated, Eli and Seth both shoved their lust at me through the bonds, and I practically collapsed on the bed at the force of my orgasm.


Beautiful, amazing bastards.

God, I loved them so much.

Noah chuckled as he flipped me onto my back, his large body covering mine to steal a languid kiss from my lips. A possessive part of me celebrated at my taste on his tongue, and I slid my hands up his chest, tugging impatiently at his plaid shirt.

“What do you want, little thief?” Noah teased, his mouth moving against my lips, before kissing down to his mating mark on my neck. He sucked over the sensitive skin, and my lower muscles contracted in anticipation.

“I swear if you don’t fuck me this instant, I’m going to find your brothers,” I groused, wriggling my hands between us to undo his jeans.

“No can do, thief. You’re mine for the night, no matter how much you beg.”

“It’s cute you think they could say no to me,” I replied confidently, finally freeing the button and zipper of his jeans, and shoving at them impatiently.

Noah took pity on me, sitting back on his knees to push his jeans down—no briefs, thank you Universe—and pull his shirt off. He was truly a specimen of masculine perfection, smirking down at me arrogantly.

“It’s cute you think they would risk their future alone time with you by compromising mine,” Noah replied smugly. Damn it. “Top off,” he ordered lazily, and I wasn’t in the mood to argue lest he decide to tease even more just to prove a point.

I hurriedly undressed, removing my bra so hastily, I was surprised I didn’t rip it.

The second I got it off, Noah’s mouth closed around my breast, teeth tugging at my nipple. I shoved my own overwhelming lust at him through the bond, hoping it would hurry him along, but Noah’s self-control was far greater than mine, and he simply grunted at the impact of it before turning his torturous attention to my other breast.

“What does the lady want?” Noah asked, nipping at the underside of my breast as his hands slid up my arms, linking our fingers together either side of my head. He rolled his hips slowly, cock brushing my clit temptingly.

“The lady wants you to fold me in half and fuck me so deep I can feel you in my throat,” I sighed, hitching my legs up as much as I could with Noah’s body in the way.

Noah snorted. “Oddly specific,” he remarked drily, before kneeling up and the back of my thighs down with his palms until my knees were up by my shoulders.

“Like this?” Noah asked smugly, leaning forward to brush his dick against my clit again.

“Ohmigod, yes,” I snapped, my pussy contracting around nothing. I could feel how turned on Noah was, and it was driving me slightly crazy that he could act so chill when I was losing my freaking mind.

He smirked at me before impaling me in one smooth thrust, my mouth opening on a silent scream as my body curled upwards. Holy fuck balls, I would definitely be feeling this tomorrow in all the best ways. 

Noah leaned down, using his forearms to keep my legs pushed back, and captured my lower lip with his teeth. His body dominated me, surrounded me, and there was no better sensation than being enveloped in one of my mates.

Well, maybe being enveloped in all of them. That was pretty spectacular.

Noah’s hips snapped sharply, each thrust hitting that sensitive spot inside me with unerring accuracy. Another orgasm snuck up on me, catching me like a riptide and dragging me under. Noah swallowed my moans, his tongue fucking me as thoroughly as he cock was, and I practically sobbed into his mouth at the intensity of the sensation.

My thigh muscles shook because as for all my big talk about folding me in half, I didn’t really have the flexibility to hold this position for long. Noah slipped my legs down instantly and I hooked them around his waist, reaching up to claw at his biceps.

“Fuck, this bond makes it hard to hold out,” Noah admitted, leaning down until his forehead rested against mine, his movements growing more sensuous.

“Don’t hold out,” I ordered on a rasp. “I want to feel your pleasure.” I slid my hands down to grab his hips, fingers flexing as I urged him deeper.

“You got one more for me, thief?” Noah asked through gritted teeth.

“I might pass out, but I’m game to try.”

Noah’s beard twitched above me, his amusement and lust trickling down the bond.

“Fingers in my mouth, then on your clit, thief.”

“I love it when you get bossy,” I whispered, happily slipping my middle finger into his mouth. Noah’s tongue swirled around it easily before I pulled it free and slid it in the narrow gap between us, circling my clit, my eyes falling shut.

“Oh god, I’m going to come again,” I breathed, only half believing it as my muscles quivered. “I’m a hussy.”

“I love that about you,” Noah replied hoarsely, his movements growing erratic.

I wanted to get him there, for him to experience the bliss that I had been experiencing, so I shoved more lust at him through the bond, but it seemed he had the same idea. We both groaned at the unexpected double hit that shoved us almost insistently over the edge to oblivion.

If orgasms were sentient, this one would be rough and tumble, excitable yet careless.

Noah rolled us both easily, so I was draped over top of him, knowing that was my favorite spot to be with any of them. I loved hearing their heartbeat under my ear, their warm skin against my cheek.

“So, did you feel me in your throat, Lady Elizabeth?” Noah asked, running his hands up and down my spine.

“Even better, I felt you in my heart.”

“Shut up,” he laughed, smacking my ass lightly as I muffled my giggle against his chest.

“Love you, Daddy Bear.”

“I love you, Ria.”