Luxuria Christmas Bonus Scene


POV: OPHELIA. This takes place shortly after the end of Luxuria.

I had a Christmas present for my husband. 

Or was it for me?

Maybe both of us.

Not that Shades celebrated Christmas—we’d observed their traditional gift-giving celebration a month earlier. But living here, in this realm, was already a big adjustment for the Hunters who’d followed me here, who’d followed Astrid here. I’d planned a cozy holiday dinner at Elverston House in a few hours’ time for any Hunters who craved a taste of home. 

Allerick wouldn’t join us—Elverston House was still a Shade-free safe space for the Hunters—but I wanted to give him a little something too. Something very human. I’d envisioned a whole hoe hoe hoe-themed lingerie set for it, but with Astrid basically banned from doing supply runs to the human realm for her own safety, I’d had to give up on that idea. Ah well, Allerick probably would have just ripped it anyway.

He was finishing up a meeting with some of my least favorite courtiers, so I stripped off and sank into the steaming bathwater that Affra had prepared for me while I waited. 

Idly, I hummed carols softly to myself, tipping my head back against the edge of the circular tub, wondering if this was the best Christmas I’d had in years or the best in my entire life. Astrid was always the golden child. Even when we were kids, I distinctly remembered the sensation of feeling left out. After I was quietly shuffled out of the family, I only returned for a few awkward holidays that my parents had begrudgingly invited me to, and those had been an exercise in polite torture. Last Christmas, all my roommates had gone home to see their families, and I’d taken advantage of the privacy by getting day-drunk and watching a playlist of my all-time favorite X-Factor auditions. 

It had been more fun than eating a plateful of the world’s dryest turkey, accompanied by a side dish of judgmental silence from my parents. 

I felt Allerick draw closer through the bond that connected us, so there was no surprise when the door to my room opened and shut with a quiet click. He wasted no time in slipping into the bathing chamber, and my heart melted a little at the way Allerick’s entire body relaxed the moment he laid eyes on me. It was a heady feeling, being the center of someone’s whole universe. 

“How was your meeting?” I asked sympathetically, the tense set of his shoulders giving him away. He grunted and dispersed the shadows that preserved his modesty as he climbed into the bath. 

“Everyone complains about everything,” he grumbled, sinking into the water and sitting on the bench that ran around the side of the tub. He reached for me instantly and I went willingly, climbing onto his lap and draping my arms over his shoulders. “Now they want a party.”

“Another one?” I asked, surprised. Maybe it was because I’d had a fairly lonely life until I came here, but as far as I was concerned, the court meeting for dinner every night was a party. 

“A bigger one. A better one.” Allerick sighed, his hands gently coasting over my body beneath the water, verifying I was still right there with him. “How is your celebration day going? Damen informed me that I’m undeserving of a Hunter wife because I failed to get you a gift. He claims that if he found a suitable Hunter bride, he’d lavish her with jewels and luxuries for every festival, and only an idiot wouldn’t do the same.” 

His tone was snarky, but I heard the underlying worry in there too. No one got under Allerick’s skin like Damen. God, I couldn’t wait for the day when my brother-in-law fell in love. Much like the best parents were the ones who didn’t have kids yet, Damen was currently the best Shade-husband ever.

“You don’t need to get me anything. You are my gift, snookums,” I told Allerick seriously, booping him on the nose just to keep him on his toes. 

If Allerick could roll his eyes, he would have. Instead, his claws lightly scratched over the globes of my ass as he tried to decide how to respond to that. 

“Though there is one thing I’d like for Christmas…” I added, batting my eyelashes at him. 


Anything? You must really trust me,” I teased. 

“With my life, my love, and my kingdom,” Allerick told me seriously. 

I blinked at him. “What about with your cock?”

He blinked right back at me. “That goes without saying, little queen.” 

“Good. Dry off and go lie on the bed, eyes closed,” I instructed, climbing off him and waiting patiently for him to follow my orders as though this was a totally normal thing we did. 

“You wish to… take the lead? That is what you want as your gift?” 

I could see why he was confused. While I was never the dominant one in bed, I also wasn’t shy about voicing what I wanted, and it wasn’t like I needed special permission for that. 

“Yes, please.” I gave him my sweetest smile, though I could feel my expression turn hungry as my husband rose slowly, water sluicing over his inky skin. God, he was so hot, and I was the luckiest monster fucking enthusiast around that I got to call him mine. 

I could tell Allerick was desperate to ask me questions, but he politely dried off and stalked back into the bedroom with his glorious naked backside on display. He was just teasing me now. I gave him a moment before climbing out of the bath and drying off, not bothering to put clothes on. 

“Are your eyes closed?” I called, poking my head around the archway to check. 

“Yes,” he sighed.

“If you’re going to sound all long-suffering about it, then you won’t get your special festive orgasm,” I singsonged, crossing the room and climbing up onto the bed. 

“Is that what’s happening? If you explain the special festive orgasm to me, then I will give it to you,” Allerick replied, sounding marginally less sullen. “I am meant to give you a gift.” 

“Oh, you are. Hold on to the headboard—keep your hands there. If only I could make fancy shadow ropes, I’d have so much fun tying you up…” 

“I can’t decide if I’m grateful or disappointed that you can’t,” Allerick said wryly, making a show of reaching up to grip the carved wooden headboard. His claws scraped quietly over the varnished surface, sending a shiver of anticipation down my spine. 

“You’re disappointed,” I responded primly. “Keep your eyes closed, but if I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, then tell me to stop, okay?” 

“Of course.” 

I brushed a light kiss over his lips, letting him chase me for a moment before trailing my mouth down one side of his neck. Allerick’s muscles flexed everywhere I touched, the headboard creaking under his punishing grip. It wasn’t even a little bit in his nature to be patient and submissive, but he would probably let me cuff him to the bed and have my wicked way with him if he thought it would make me happy. 

He was romantic like that. 

Allerick groaned as I wrapped my hand around his cock, my pinkie finger brushing the top of his burgeoning knot. I lavished some extra attention on his hip, sucking on the skin there because I liked the idea of marking him, even though it wouldn’t show. 

Satisfied with my unsuccessful hicky, I tightened my grip on his shaft and shuffled further down the bed before slowly circling the head of his cock with my tongue. 

Allerick’s head shot up, glowing eyes open wide and trained on me. 

“Are you… What are you…” 

I gave him what I hoped was more coy smile than maniacal grin before licking a stripe up the length of his cock, maintaining eye contact. “I’m going to suck your cock. Is that cool?” 

He swallowed thickly. “Are you sure?” 

Blow jobs were definitely not a Shade thing—only a special kind of masochist would stick such a sensitive bit of flesh between those rows of fangs. But fortunately for my husband, I had lame, blunt human teeth and sucking dick made me feel like a powerful sex goddess. 

I didn’t bother answering as I dragged my hair over one shoulder and lowered my mouth over his cock, swirling my tongue around the tip a few times before scraping the sensitive skin with my harmless teeth. 

“This… This is going to be over very quickly,” Allerick rasped. I hummed, taking him deeper into my throat, but immediately drew back as the headboard cracked with a loud snap. 

“You broke the bed!” I laughed incredulously. Fortunately, the base was still intact, so we weren’t going anywhere, but the carved horizontal slats of the headboard had split straight down the middle. 

Bless my husband for maintaining his hold on the now splintered bits of wood. Who knew he followed directions so well? 

“Ophelia,” Allerick growled, chest heaving. “I don’t give a fuck about the bed. Tell me I can touch you now, little queen. I’ll have to carry you to your feast later because if you can walk, I haven’t done my job properly.” 

Slick was already running freely down my thighs, preparing me to take his knot. All in good time.

“You are so impatient. No. Be a good boy and stay still.” 

Allerick swore under his breath as I got back in position, wrapping both hands around the base of his cock and giving it a squeeze. He bucked up into my grip, and I took pity on my poor monster husband, massaging his still-forming knot while taking him as far down my throat as I could. Fuck, he was thick. Thick and warm and solid. 

And I loved it. Loved the way Allerick panted and writhed beneath me, letting me take charge of his pleasure. Unable to resist any longer, I left one hand squeezing his knot and moved the other between my thighs, drenching my fingers in my slick the moment they made contact with my pussy. We were going to have to burn this whole bed. It was unsalvageable at this point. 

An abrupt purr rumbled out of his chest, the intensity of it taking us both by surprise.

“Ophelia, my queen…” Allerick rasped, his voice more desperate than I’d ever heard it. “My beautiful wife. I can’t last much longer. You need to move. My love—”

He was such a sweet-talker when he needed to come.

I gripped his knot a little harder, silently telling him I wasn’t letting go as he erupted down my throat, filling my mouth with far more cum than I could ever hope to swallow. The overflow spilled down my chin, dripping down onto my breasts as I pulled back and sat up. Without moving pupils, it was hard to tell if Allerick was tracking the movement, but it seemed like he was. Honestly, he looked mad at me, but in the best kind of way. Like I’d made him feel so good that he was enraged about it. 

Great success. Ten out of ten. Well done, me. 

“So?” I prompted, idly massaging Allerick’s cum into my chest because I was in a bratty mood, and it was obviously riling him up. “What’s the verdict on blow jobs? Yes? No?” 

“Yes. Are we finished with your gift? Can I touch you now?” 

“I mean, I guess so—”

“On. Your. Knees.” 

“God, I love it when you use Grumpy Monster Daddy voice on me,” I sighed dreamily, happily shifting onto all fours. 

“Stop calling it that,” Allerick grumbled. He released the headboard, and the two pieces slumped sideways in slow motion until they hit the ground, but Allerick paid them no mind. He moved around the mattress until he was behind me, one sharp claw trailing down the length of my spine, making me arch into his touch. “You’re a clever little temptress, with a very clever mouth.” 

I wanted to come up with some witty retort, just to demonstrate the multiple ways in which my mouth was clever, but Allerick moved with unnatural speed, burying his tongue in my pussy and stealing my ability to speak. My arms gave out instantly, and I dropped down to the mattress on my elbows, bucking wildly back against his face. The contrast of his roughly textured tongue over my most sensitive flesh was always thrilling—each time felt like the first. Allerick was absolutely giving me a taste of my own medicine with his relentless pace, but I wasn’t exactly going to complain about that. He pushed me over the edge in record time, not slowing down at all, the curve of his horns bumping against my ass with each movement.

“I have to go to dinner later,” I reminded him with a breathy laugh. “You can’t send me into an orgasm coma. I need my energy.” 

“You can nap on my knot,” he replied, voice muffled as he gave my clit a final swipe with his tongue before he withdrew. Allerick’s claws pricked at the softer flesh of my stomach as his hands clamped down on my hips, pinning me in place as he impaled me on his cock in one smooth movement.

I let out a strangled sound somewhere between a gasp and a sob, yanking at the sheets for purchase as I immediately tumbled headfirst into the orgasm he’d been holding me on the edge of. My inner thighs burned with the effort of keeping myself upright, but there was no way I was going to change position. Not when each thrust was hitting just right, and Allerick’s knot was pushing a little deeper with each movement. 

As always, my body felt made to fit his. From our very first time together, when he’d discovered my drawings and finally realized the full extent of my Shade fantasies, it was like everything in me had shifted. Both in a romantic way and also in a rearrange-my-guts kind of way.

With one final thrust, his knot pushed into place, expanding fully to lock us together. I was vaguely aware of the series of incoherent noises I was making as each sensitive nerve got up close and personal with Allerick’s knot. It set off a chain reaction of rolling orgasms that squeezed his cock even tighter, and I knew there’d be a flood of cum between my thighs when we eventually broke apart.

Though the angle was a little awkward, I hunched forward as much as I could to look down the line of my body, my cunt contracting again at seeing the physical bulge of my belly when we were locked together. I felt deliciously full and used and cherished, all at once. 

Allerick purred contentedly, scratching his claws lightly over the globes of my ass, just enough to leave faint red lines in his wake. 

“S’good,” I mumbled, planting my face flat on the mattress. Allerick snorted, banding an arm around my waist and rolling us onto our sides, spooning me as a fresh wave of pleasure crashed over my body from the movement. His knot should really come with a warning label. 

Maybe all knots needed a warning label. Maybe that was something I should mention to the other Hunters, before they got the fright of their lives?

“Sleep, little queen,” Allerick said soothingly, carefully shifting my damp hair off my face with his claws. “I will wake you in time for your holiday feast.” 

“Did you like your present?” I mumbled, blissed out and already drifting off. 

Allerick snorted as though the answer was too obvious to even bother articulating as I smiled drowsily into the mattress. 

“I loved it. I love you, my queen. You are the greatest gift I could ever ask for.”