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Colette Rhodes

Allure Part Two

Allure Part Two

Life as an omega can be pretty great.⁠
We’re pampered, cared for, and desired.⁠
Especially an omega who has a good pack.⁠

That’s not me, though. I’m flying solo.⁠

That’s why I started working at Allure—an exclusive omega-only club that caters to lonely alphas.⁠
The perfect place to meet a pack that will get me through my heat.⁠

Because it’s fast approaching, and I don’t want to face it alone.⁠
Not again.⁠

But should I pick the alphas that are perfect on paper…⁠
...or let my heart decide?⁠

Authors' note: This book contains adult language, and sexual situations not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

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