Bonus Smutty Scene: The (Not) Satisfied Dragon


POV: SHIRA. This takes place shortly after the end of The (Not) Satisfied Dragon.

We'd been on the Council for a year, and between our duties and trips around Avalon to meet all of my mates' extended family and some of my own, it was rare that we got a day off. A day in the den to just relax. I'd put my foot down today, though. I wanted some Flight Galon time, just us.

Ezra had insisted I sleep in this morning since he was convinced I was working myself too hard. I was lying in bed, listening to them move as quietly as could around the den so as not to wake me. It was cute, but I wasn't in the mood for cute today.

I was in the mood for sexy.

I'd heard enough crude jokes from my mates' assorted brothers by now to realize that it was normal for mates to be intimate together. All six of them. More than normal, it was expected. And yet none of my mates had ever suggested it. Not once. The most we'd experimented with was me and two of them—usually Hiram and Levi—but once with Ezra and Seff.

Were they not interested in us being all together at the same time? Or was this part of them looking out for me? I appreciated how careful they were with physical intimacy, forever worried it would trigger some dark memories for me, but we'd gotten to a place where I trusted them implicitly. I wasn't "fixed", but I knew I was safe with them.

I wanted the group sex.

Mind made up, I snagged the flimsy white nightgown they'd bought for me and let myself into the attached bathroom to freshen up and primp. My hair was now just below my shoulders and after brushing it out, I bent over and shook it out so it looked messier. Post-sex hair for pre-sex seduction.

I moved back into the bedroom, smoothing my hands nervously over the nightgown, the only clothing I was wearing. I checked my appearance in the mirror and made the bed, paying more attention to it than I'd ever bothered with before. What if they didn't want this? What if the reason they had never suggested it before was that they weren't interested?

"Should we make her some breakfast?" I heard Levi asking someone in the hallway.

Crap, it was now or never.

//Could you all come in here?// I asked, hoping I sounded cool and confident. I perched on the end of the bed, crossing one leg over the other and resting my palms daintily on my knee.

This was sexy, right?

They filed in one by one, each stopping just past the doorway, looking uncertainly at me. Except Hiram, who bounded in and threw himself down on the bed next to me. He rolled onto his side, propping his head up on his hand and gave me a sultry grin.

“What are we doing, babe?” he asked, oozing sexual confidence.

“Did you want one of us?” Levi asked hesitantly.

“Or two?” Seff asked, sounding hopeful.

“Nuh uh,” Hiram replied for me, eyes twinkling. “She called us all here. I think our gold is feeling curious.”

My face burned as hot as Seff's fire, but I was grateful Hiram had said it, so I didn't have to. I nodded, focusing on his confident gray eyes rather than chancing a look at my other four mates who were still hovering awkwardly by the door.

“Well then, let's play,” Hiram replied, reaching out to wrap his arm around my waist and pulling me down on top of him as he rolled onto his back. My hands landed on his firm chest to steady myself, and I could feel the short nightgown riding up around my hips. We'd barely even started, and I was already giving them a show.

Hiram grinned as he slid his hands over my half-exposed ass. I slid back until I felt my clit rub against the hardness through his trousers; the sensation sending little jolts of electricity over my skin. I needed to relax, to let go. To just feel and be in the moment. None of my mates were better at hedonistic self-indulgence than Hiram.

He reached up, cupping the back of my neck and pulling me down to capture my mouth in a heated kiss that left me in no doubt about how he felt about doing this in front of an audience. I tangled my fingers in his messy brown hair, angling his head where I wanted him. I could taste the peppermint tea he'd drunk on his tongue as we explored each other's mouths, fighting for dominance. Just when I thought I'd got the upper hand, he rolled me onto my back, careful to keep his full weight off me as his body covered mine.

“Your mates are all chickens,” he murmured, kissing up the column of my throat. “Except me.”

There were growls of disagreement from around the room and I realized for the first time that they'd spread out, no longer clustered by the doorway, ready to bolt. Just as Hiram reached an incredibly delicious spot behind my ear, he was shoved off me with an oomph, landing next to me on the bed. I opened my eyes in surprise, only to find Oren's piercing pale blue ones staring back down at me. He took Hiram's spot, one hand clamping on my jaw as he leaned down to plunder my mouth. Hiram chuckled, rolling onto his side to continue kissing and leaving love bites on my neck and shoulder.

Gods. If I was wearing panties, they'd be soaked, and we were just warming up. I'd never been with Oren with anyone else, I assumed he'd be the last to join in, if he would at all. As his big hand moved down from my jaw to massage my breast, rolling and pinching my sensitive nipple through the thin fabric of my nightgown, my fears that he'd be uncomfortable with this flew out the window.

The bed dipped slightly as someone else sat down near my head, their hands stroking through my hair with teasing touches. I broke the kiss with Oren to look up and found Levi smirking down at me. My gaze went down his front to the very obvious bulge in his trousers and I bit my lip in anticipation, squirming on the bed, trying to rub against Oren to get some friction.

“On your hands and knees,” Oren breathed, his raspy demand sending sparks straight to my clit.

He rolled off me and I followed his command eagerly. Maybe a little too eagerly, stumbling in my rush to get on all fours. Oren pulled me back to the edge of the bed, just before warm hands ran up the backs of my thighs. Warm hands that could only belong to Seff. I wasn't surprised when his tongue followed. Seff loved tasting me. His tongue swirled achingly slowly around my entrance, but his hands on my thighs held me in place before I could demand more.

Hello. Enough foreplay.

Levi slid onto the bed in front of me and I immediately yanked at the laces on his trousers to get to my prize. He helped me out, pulling them down and gripping his cock in his hand, lazily stroking it as I dug my nails into his hips, urging him closer. There was no way I was moving forward. Not when Seff's tongue was fucking me like he'd win an award for it.

“You want me?” Levi confirmed, shuffling forward on his knees.

“Always,” I confirmed, swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock, licking up the salty pre-cum that had gathered there before taking him into my mouth as far as I could go. I pushed Levi's hand out of the way, wrapping my own around his base and working it rhythmically in time to my mouth. I did my best to concentrate, to ensure he was having a good time, even as my legs shook with the feel of Seff's fingers toying with my entrance. I might cry if someone didn't fuck me soon.

I whined around Levi's cock as Hiram's hands slid under my front, alternating between toying lazily with my nipples and pinching them sharp enough to send a hint of pain and a wave of desire through my body.

Levi’s cock twitched, and I knew the sensation combined with the view of Seff’s head between my legs was driving him crazy. Levi had never been shy about sharing. He enjoyed seeing my pleasure.

I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock before sucking him deep again until he hit the back of my throat, looking up at his deep brown eyes to convey my request. Come.

“That is a magnificent sight,” Levi groaned, pushing my hair back from my face and wrapping it around his fist. He fucked my mouth with renewed intensity, his stomach muscles contracting right in front of my face before he stilled, coming with a groan of relief. I held myself still, not wanting to waste a single blessed drop.

This was already going much better than I could have hoped for.

“Ready for more?” Ezra's deep voice rumbled, his hand stroking over my back. They were all here, all taking part—I wanted to weep with relief. My vagina was already weeping with relief.

I practically whined my assent before snatching Ezra's hand where he stood at the edge of the bed and tugging him toward me. He let me lead him, climbing onto the bed and bending over to plant hot kisses down the length of my spine. I tugged at the nightgown, irritated it was in the way. Hiram helped me remove it, tossing it to the floor with his own clothes.

It was the most exposed I'd ever been, yet it felt so right. How could I have anything between us right now? When we were being so vulnerable and sharing this moment together?

I looked over my shoulder at my big, intimidating Alpha who I'd brought to his knees with a demand and the fluttering of my eyelashes.

“Lie down, please,” I commanded politely, giving him a sweet smile. He raised an eyebrow at me, the corners of his lip twitching as he silently debated whether to do what I asked him. 

With a put-upon sigh, Ezra lay on his back next to me, his hands behind his head. The position showcased his physique to perfection—his bulging arm muscles, the hard planes of his chest, rippling abs, and a delicious, taut V that was an arrow to his enormous cock. It twitched under my inspection and I licked my lips in anticipation. Ezra never put himself at my mercy like this, and I planned on enjoying every second.

I kneeled next to him on the bed, taking him into my mouth, just to tease him a little. I could barely get my mouth around him, but he seemed to appreciate the effort. Multiple pairs of hands stroked my body, teased my sensitive spots, lavished me with intimate attention until I wondered who was teasing who.

My one orgasm had only served to heighten my desire. Frustrated, I pulled my mouth off Ezra and crawled over him, reaching between us to line him up at my entrance. I looked up, giving him what I hoped was a sexy smile as I slid down, sighing at the ecstasy that was Ezra's enormous dick. It stretched in the best way, filling me to the brim.

“You going to fuck me, little Alpha?” Ezra asked, looking smug even though his voice was barely more than a groan.

“Yes, big Alpha,” I laughed, digging my nails into his chest and rising on my knees to slam back down on him. “Though I was hoping we could try something a little different.” I looked back over my shoulder at Seff, whose eyebrows shot up to his hairline.

“You want me to join in, gorgeous? You sure? You've never done that before,” he confirmed, sounding suitably concerned even as his eyes glowed with anticipation.

“How will I know if I like it or not unless I try it?” I asked breathily, rolling my hips against Ezra.

“It's research,” Hiram added helpfully, digging around in the nightstand and tossing Seff the small bottle of oil we kept in there. It wasn't my first time taking one of them in my ass, but it was the first time I'd done it while fucking another one.

I could see why this whole group thing was popular. Aside from how right and natural it felt to have all six of us together, I'd never been more turned on in my life. The way my mates looked at me, with so much want and desire in their eyes, always had a profound effect on my body. Having all five of them look at me like that at once was almost too much to bear. In the best way.

I heard the snick of the bottle lid as Seff opened it, and the slick sound of his hand sliding over his cock made my inner walls clench in anticipation. Ezra gave me a knowing look, reaching out to grab my waist and pulling me flush against him. He tangled his hand in my hair, tugging my head to the side to suck on my neck while Seff climbed onto the bed behind me. Distracting me, I realized. The low fluttering of nerves in my belly gave way to desire as Ezra's hands were everywhere, and Seff slid his over my ass, teasing me with his thumb until I was writhing in anticipation.

I sucked in a breath as the blunt tip of Seff's cock pushed at my tight ring of muscle and turned my head to bite down on Ezra's pec as Seff pushed forward. My gasp was strangled, a strange choking noise as my body adjusted to their presence. Gods. I felt so full. Incredibly full. I was worried that the second they moved I'd orgasm so hard that I'd black out and then this whole experience would be over.

Please don't faint.

“How are you feeling, my love?” Ezra rumbled, tugging my hair lightly and planting a kiss on my forehead.

“So good,” I slurred, lifting myself up on my hands. The small amount of friction my movement caused had my eyes rolling back. “Move, move, move.”

“As you wish,” Ezra replied, tightening his grip on my hips and thrusting up into me. Seff had one hand on my shoulder and wrapped my hair in the other, letting Ezra set the pace as he moved in tandem.

“You going to come already, babe?” Hiram teased as I threw my head back, scrunching my eyes shut.

“Yes,” I chanted, babbling something incoherent as light exploded behind my eyes. My muscles shook almost violently as I fought to catch my breath, clinging to Ezra like he was my lifeline in a storm of sexual feeling.

“Remember when you asked if you could take one of us in your mouth while two of us were fucking you?” Hiram asked, leaning in close and lightly collaring my throat to kiss me through the aftershocks of my orgasm.

“I remember,” I replied against his mouth, swiping my tongue over his lower lip. “Are you volunteering?”

“As keen as I always am,” Hiram chuckled. “How about Oren? We want to make sure he knows how fun sharing can be, right, babe?”

“That is unusually generous of you,” I breathed, reaching for Oren as Hiram pulled back.

“I'm not complaining,” Oren rasped, angling himself towards me as he kneeled on the bed.

Ezra and Seff gave me a moment to readjust my position, one forearm across Ezra's chest so I had a hand free to wrap around Oren's cock. I leaned forward, taking him as far into my mouth as I could go in one movement, high off my orgasm and eager for more. He made a choked noise, cupping the back of my head to guide my movements as Ezra and Seff picked up their pace again.

My eyes watered, but there was no way I was giving up. Not when I felt so good. I wanted all of my mates to feel as good as I felt.

“Babe, you're incredible,” Hiram whispered, awed.

“So fucking sexy,” Levi added, stroking my back tenderly. His touch was reassuring, letting me know that even if they were using my body in the best possible way, I was still adored, cherished.

“It's too good,” Seff choked out. “I'm not going to last.”

“Then finish and move along,” Hiram replied cheerfully. I spluttered slightly around Oren's dick. Hiram never failed to make me laugh, even at the most inopportune times.

Oren's hands tightened in my hair, like he was worried he'd lost my attention. I redoubled my efforts, taking him further into my throat and twisting the base of his cock with my hand. New goal: everyone orgasms.

Seff picked up his pace, fucking me faster, and I moaned around Oren right as Seff stilled, letting out a long, almost pained groan as he came, chanting my name under his breath. I arched my back, preening slightly that I'd made that happen. That I'd made all of this happen. It was incredibly empowering. He leaned forward, hunching over me to pepper my back with grateful kisses.

“Babe?” Hiram asked eagerly.

“Go ahead,” I slurred, briefly pulling my mouth away from Oren. “Hurry up, I want to come again.”

They all stopped moving as Seff pulled out, my body moving back with him like it didn't want to let him go. We might have to exclusively switch to group sex from now on. I wasn't sure if I could ever be satisfied by just one cock again. Before I had the chance to complain, Hiram was there, taking his place, and I sighed in ecstasy against Oren. With surprising coordination, Hiram and Ezra moved together until my thighs shook, the ripple of my impending orgasm running through my body.

“Fuck,” Ezra grunted. “I can't hold on any longer. Come with me,” he ordered, forgetting I was in charge today.

“Okay,” I breathed, also forgetting I was in charge today.

Hiram slid his hand around my front, circling my already oversensitive clit and thrust as deep as he could go. My spine curled as Ezra and I both peaked together, gripping on to each other as pleasure engulfed us. 

Hiram and Oren seemed to have silently agreed to not let up, and I was grateful that they continued to move or I would collapse in a boneless heap and fall asleep. As Ezra fell back on the bed, panting, Hiram picked up his pace, his firm grip on my hips keeping me upright. He paused for a moment, just long enough for Ezra to pull and roll away from underneath me so Oren could kneel better in front of my face.

I looked up at him with a smile I knew was a little dopey, my eyes hazy and lust-drunk. “Are you going to come for me?” I asked sweetly.

“Fuck yes,” he grunted.

I renewed my efforts on Oren's cock, working him faster and deeper than I ever had before, determined that he would come. I wasn't worried about Hiram. He was fucking my ass like he'd get a medal for it, and I was confident his orgasm was imminent and explosive.

“Shira,” Oren gritted, grabbing a fistful of my hair like he was going to pull me off him. I growled, giving his inner thigh a warning scratch before returning my hand to his cock. With a choked grunt, he held my head still as he spilled down my throat, coming longer and harder than I'd ever seen him come before. He guided my head back and shuddered as I kissed the tip of his cock before licking my lips clean. Oren leaned down, cupping my face as he smacked a firm kiss against my mouth.

“Ooh, you are coming with me,” Hiram said eagerly, break time over as he started pounding into me in earnest.

“I can't,” I whined. My muscles were jelly. Or liquid. Or maybe smoke.

“You can,” Levi promised, sliding a hand under me to toy with my nipples before running it over my belly and down to my clit. “One more for us, beautiful.”

I was so hypersensitive, I almost sobbed at the contact with my overstimulated nerves, but Levi played my body like an instrument, using the exact amount of pressure to have my inner walls contracting, everything fluttering in anticipation.

“Ready, Hiram?” he asked, not taking his eyes off mine.

“Fuck yeah, I'm barely keeping it together,” Hiram groaned.

“Good,” Levi stated simply, his expression not giving anything away as he lightly pinched my clit. If I had the energy to scream, I would have. 

I was so done. That was all the orgasms in my body. There were no more orgasms to be had. In the back of my mind, I knew Hiram had climaxed too, and I was vaguely grateful for that, but mostly I wanted to curl up in a ball and have the most satisfied sleep of my life.

“Bath time, beautiful,” Levi chuckled, scooping my limp body into his arms and striding towards the bathroom.

“Okay,” I replied sleepily, leaning against his shoulder. “I’m so tired. I don’t think we can do that all the time. Maybe just some of the time. Once a week. Or twice.”

“Just say the word, beautiful, and we’ll be there. We’re yours to command, my Shira.”