The (Not) Satisfied Dragon will be LIVE on 7 November — less than two weeks away!

This book will be the conclusion to Shira’s story, and I’m so excited for you to read it. It’s a story of growth and change, forgiveness, and learning when to fight and when to let go. It was an absolute joy to write, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

The character growth in this book was phenomenal and while it’s a fantasy book, the characters are very real. They all have their faults, struggles, & quirks and their reactions to things that happen are so realistic. I also am forever thankful that Colette does not play around with her redemption arcs. There is groveling, there is change, and there is forgiveness. - ARC reviewer

If you haven’t read it, book one is available here: The (Not) Cursed Dragon.

And here is the preorder link for The (Not) Satisfied Dragon.

Colette x