Superbia is out now! I have had so much fun working on this book—it was my first enemies-to-lovers, and I definitely want to write more because the tension and banter was a total delight to get into.

Get it here.

Superbia is an enemies-to-lovers monster romance, grumpy x more grumpy, featuring plenty of dirty talk, hate f*cking, and a healthy dose of angst. Here's the blurb:

Astrid is the kind of Hunter that all Hunters aspire to be.

Lethal. Focused. Ambidextrous.

In contrast to her disgraced sister, Astrid has done everything right. And now, she’s coming to realize that everything she’s ever known is wrong.

Soren wants to be the kind of Shade that all Shades aspire to be.

Brave. Decisive. Powerful.

But his disgraced sister is determined to ruin him, and now there’s a deadly Hunter in his realm, smelling like the most delicious thing he’d ever taste.

And the king wants them to work together.

Can they hold the enemy line with each other? Or will the thin line between love and hate be their undoing?

Superbia is the second book in the Shades of Sin series, featuring humans and their not-quite-so-human partners. For readers 18+

Author’s note: Each book is a standalone, but I recommend you read them in order of release for the best experience. Book one is Luxuria.

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