The State of Grace series is now complete! It's been such a joy to work on this urban fantasy #whychoose epic, I really hope you enjoy the conclusion 💕

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By the time an agathos woman reaches 25, she’s supposed to be one thing, and one thing only:


I’m zero for four soul bonds, a disgrace to my family, and the black sheep of my community.

But I’m also the Prophêtis, and I’m not going to sit idly while everyone and everything I love is ripped away from me.

I’m going to fight.

Saving Grace is the final book in the State of Grace series. It is a slow burn reverse harem (MMFMM) romance suitable for readers 18+

State of Grace reading order:

1. Run Riot
2. Silver Bullet
3. Wild Game
4. Dare Not
5. Saving Grace