I'm back in Otago after a couple of weeks in Melbourne, and writing this newsletter from my cozy spot next to the fire - autumn has well and truly arrived in this part of the world!

I have to take a moment to gush about RARE Melbourne and say some thank yous! I'm so grateful to everyone who stopped by, said hello, purchased books and brought me sweets (oh my gosh, this was so lovely)! It was my first signing event and to say I was nervous was a massive understatement. I think it's the first and only time in my life where I've been too jittery to drink coffee in the morning? In the end, I had nothing to worry about because it was a fantastic event. I'm clearly biased, but romance readers are the coolest people in the world, and it was so lovely to be in a room surrounded by people who were all so happy to be there. The vibes were immaculate 👌

There are a few people I'd like to say an extra special thank you to:

  • My bestie, Lucy, who came to Melbourne to help me with the event and be my emotional support human. I'd have been completely lost with you <3
  • Literati Apothecary for the delicious Monster Romance candle - check them out here (it smells so good)
  • Sarah, who was volunteering at the event, and who helped me pack up my table, but more importantly, saved me from total fangirl embarrassment when I met one of my unicorn authors and my brain went offline. Thanks, Sarah!

I have tentative plans for future signings, but nothing I can announce yet. Watch this space!

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