After a hectic couple of months, I am writing this from my new house in my new city. Hooray! It's such a relief to finally be here after what felt like a never-ending move, and I'm excited to settle back into all things bookish now that we're mostly unpacked.
"It’s been a while since I have read a long book in one sitting. But I couldn’t put Luxuria down."- ARC Reader
"Another addictive story by the Queen of loveable Female Main Characters."- ARC Reader

The release date for Luxuria: A Monster Romance has really crept up on me—it'll be out next week! ARC feedback has been really positive, and I hope readers continue to enjoy it when the book goes live on the 30th. It's a sweet and spicy story, with a touch of angst and a lot of laughs—check out the blurb here.

I'm taking a little time to get myself back on track, but I plan on starting Wild Game next week. If you're hanging out for the next book in the State of Grace series, it won't be far away.

Colette R. xx


“Remember this feeling,” I rasped, the rough timbre of my voice surprising even myself as I leaned down to speak in her ear, my lips brushing the shell with each word. “Whatever you were thinking as we were about to enter the dining hall, wipe it from your mind. This is how I want you to feel, to smell, throughout dinner. Do you understand me, wife?”

I caressed the soft skin of her throat with the pad of my thumb and Ophelia somehow grew more pliant beneath me.

“I understand your instructions,” she breathed. “You, I don’t understand at all.”


I'm fangirling the hell out of this month's featured author! Marie Mistry is such a talent—if you haven't read her latest complete series, The Deadwood, yet then you absolutely need to move it up your TBR. And then jump right into her Daughter of Cain series to cure your book hangover. Or basically anything

Read it here.


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