How is it already the end of March?! 2022 is flying by, I feel like I've barely come up for air since the year started.

I'm in the middle of a cross-country move—between that and busting my butt to get this monster romance done, it's been all systems go. However! My standalone MF monster romance is almost complete, and I have a cover reveal and preorder for you below 👀 I'm so excited, I hope you enjoy this book!

This week, I'll be finishing up the formatting for Empath Found: The Complete Trilogy. Keep scrolling for your chance to win a hardcover.

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Ta-da! Here it is, the secret monster project I squeezed into my writing schedule because I just couldn't get it out of my head. Luxuria: A Monster Romance will be released on 30 April (next month 😱) — you can preorder it here.

I was going to put the blurb here, but in true Colette form I haven't written it yet. So you get an excerpt from chapter one instead! Luxuria is an MF arranged marriage monster romance, below is a glimpse of our two lovebirds meeting for the first time at their wedding...

(Please note that this is unedited, subject to change in the final version etc etc)

I knew the precise moment my delicate little bride spotted me. The most delicious, mouth-watering scent filled the air, making the eyes of every shade in the room glow hungrily.

Fear. Human fear always smelled so sweet, like the most sumptuous cake, inviting us to take a bite. Hunters knew better than to show us any fear, and I had never scented the emotion on them before.

It was far more potent than a regular human’s.

Addictive, even.

Was this a trap? An elaborate ploy to make me let down my guard?

Brown eyes perused me as boldly as I’d perused her as my bride stopped in front of me, both of us turning to face each other, ignoring the rest of the room. I smiled—not kindly—letting her see my fangs, running my long black tongue over my teeth with a flourish. My brother chuckled obnoxiously from the front row.

“What is your name, little huntress?” I purred. A fresh wave of fear perfumed the air, making me salivate, but her face hid her emotions admirably.

She didn’t look afraid at all.

She must be well trained, I reminded myself. Even if she couldn’t quite suppress her body’s natural instincts, she was accomplished enough to disguise them on her face.


There was no tremble in her voice, and although she had to tip her head back to meet my eyes, her gaze was unnaturally defiant. How interesting.

“I am Allerick, but you may call me ‘your majesty’.”




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This month's mini interview is with the incredibly talented Ashley Bennett. She is the co-author of the amazing Vera and the Vegas V omegaverse duet, and she has some monster romance projects in the works that you absolutely don't want to miss.


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