This month's featured author is the oh-so-sweet Stacey Brutger. I love her books and I'm so excited to meet her in Edinburgh next year!

Let's get into the interview.

1. Tell us about yourself.

I'm a USA Today and International Bestselling author who writes Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romances. The more complicated answer is I'm a hermit who happily spends most of my day in my office with my fur babies for company. I freely admit that I'm a socially awkward nerd who loves reading, writing, and watching bad sci-fi and horror shows. I love traveling, so it's a bonus to be able to attend writer conventions, book signings, and writing retreats with fellow authors. I'm excited to share that I will be signing in RARE Edinburgh in 2024. Woot!

2. How did you get into writing romance? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I've always loved reading, but I thought being a published author was something only a lucky few writers ever achieved. I couldn't have been more shocked when people read a few short stories I wrote and told me I had real talent. Since I've always been fascinated by old myths and legends, it was only natural for me to write about paranormal creatures. The instant I put pen to paper, I was a goner. I was soon consumed with stories full of magic, mayhem, and endless possibilities. I fell into writing reverse harem by accident when I couldn't make my characters choose just one love interest, not when they were all so perfect for her. Writing has become my dream job, and I feel lucky to be able to do something that I absolutely love.

3. Tell us about your latest release!

My next release is part of a duet--book one will be released in November 2023. Undying is a standalone novel about what happens when an obstinate, headstrong woman clashes with deadly paranormal creatures. Hint: She dies...she's just too stubborn to stay dead.

The story came to me the instant I saw the cover--one look and I felt compelled to write what happened to her. While her story was heart-wrenching, I loved the way the men helped heal her shattered heart. If you enjoy a touch of darkness with your romance, check out Undying!

4. If you could live in one of your book worlds, which one would it be and why?

While I would love to live in many of my books, I write about paranormal creatures -- I fear I would die pretty quickly. Hahahaha!

Not to mention the FMCs in my books would probably kill me for gawking at their men. Yummy! That or I would be gawking at the men so hard I would probably end up walking into traffic or falling down a flight of stairs or something. I'm smooth like that.

5. What are you reading right now?

I adore reading. unfortunately, being a writer doesn't always leave me time to go through my massive tbr pile. I still try to read one book a week, but that's not always possible. If I go too long without reading, my creativity suffers, so usually once a month, I take a random weekend off and just read through as many books as possible--usually anywhere from two to six books. What I read usually depends on my mood, I normally gravitate toward reverse harem, urban fantasy, or paranormal romance. When you combine them, I'm in my happy place. Honestly, I'll read anything. Give me a compelling story with captivating characters, and I will devour it.

Undying - A Lone Survivor Book 1: OUT NOW


Paranormals are not like what you see on television or read in books. That romance bullshit is nonsense put out by the media to lure you into thinking they’re just like us—they’re not.

They’re ruthless assholes who will do whatever it takes to get what they want and don’t take kindly to being denied. That’s how I ended up dead.

Too bad for them, I’m a stubborn bitch. I came back and took my vengeance. Unfortunately, it turned me into one of the very monsters I despise.

When four sexy men hunt me down for my crimes, my existence is once again turned upside down—but instead of killing me, they’re teaching me how to survive. It’s a learn-the-rules-or-die kind of situation, yet something about the hungry way these beastly men look at me speaks to my soul—almost like they’re meant to be mine, and I’m tempted to claim them for my own.

War hovers on the horizon. To keep my men from being slaughtered and the supernaturals from taking over the world like a scourge, I’m going to have to learn to become the biggest, baddest monster of them all. Because if it’s a choice between becoming a slave or a queen, I’m determined to take the crown and show them who’s boss.

Meet the clan: Jolie—the bloodthirsty queen, Stanton—an ancient, stubborn vampire stuck in his ways, Tobias—the barbarian werewolf prince, Castle—the Viking warrior werewolf, and Milo—an adorkably sweet vampire.

Get it here.

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