This month's featured author, C.R. Jane, is such an inspiration to me. She is so accomplished over such a range of different romance subgenres, and writes so much I'm not entirely sure when she sleeps. Plus, she's a really lovely person!

Let's get into it.


1. Tell us about yourself.

Well, I like long walks on the beach and romance...JK. Um, let's see. In a nutshell... I'm Texan born and bred. I love all things Taylor Swift, Dallas Cowboys, and Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm an attorney by day, author by night lol. I have two gorgeous little girls and I'm married to the love of my life. I love reading, and shopping, and watching home decor and makeup tiktoks. And in general, I could spend my entire life traveling.


2. How did you get into writing romance?

By accident? I'm a huge reader. I have one of those gifts for speed idea what it's called. But back in 2017-2018 I got obsessed with reverse harem and decided to try it out. I told no one in my real life I was writing a book. And I just got lucky that First Impressions ended up going viral and set me up for this dream career.


3. What are you working on at the moment?

Like twenty different projects. Is that acceptable, lol? At the moment I'm writing Book 4 in the Rich Demons of Darkwood series with my co-writer May Dawson. And then after that I've got the second book in my Real Alphas Bite series coming out, an MC romance, and then in September I have my first omegaverse book which I'm very excited about! (Author's note: A C.R. Jane omegaverse?! Yes please.)

4. You have an incredible ability to switch between paranormal and contemporary. Is one easier to write than the other for you? How do you keep all the ideas straight in your head?

That's really sweet to say. I've debated needing a second pen name to differentiate between the two, but readers don't seem to mind for now. It's easier for me to write contemporary, but also...monsters are fun to write about. I have lists upon lists on my phone detailing all my stories. I have story names and concepts for the next ten years all mapped out and I keep falling behind.

5. What are you reading right now?

Just finished Lola and the Millionaires for the 100th time. It's my go to when I need a book I know that I will like. I just finished beta reading Glow by Raven Kennedy. Heads up, it's incredible. And I'm about to start a deep dive into omegaverse books to research for my standalone coming up!

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