I hope you're well. It's a light update this month because we're still on lockdown in my city. Between toddler care and writing Silver Bullet, I haven't had much of a chance to do anything else! I did manage to have a great chat with Sam and Ashley over at the Smut and Spice podcast, check out the link for that below.

One thing I have done a lot of in lockdown is read! I've been working through my TBR (for my sanity). I'm over halfway through Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series, which I've been reading in between a lot of alien romance, which is my latest obsession. Most of the book chat happens over in my Facebook Reader Group — come join us, I'd love to hear about what you've been reading.


I can confirm Silver Bullet will release on 31 October! I'm so excited to share the next book in the State of Grace series with you.

Colette x

Smut and Spice Podcast Interview

My interview with the lovely Sam and Ashley from the Smut & Spice Podcast is live! *laughs nervously*

We chat books, what I've got planned for the future (including some things I haven't shared here yet!), how I fell into this whole author thing by accident and more.

Be sure to also check out Episode 19 where they chat about some of the books in my back catalog. I was laughing out loud at some of their amazing descriptions!

Listen here.

Silver Bullet Exclusive Teaser

Below is an extended teaser from Silver Bullet, just for you!

(Note that this excerpt hasn't been proofread and is subject to change).

I knew everything about Grace. Everything. I recalled every conversation we’d ever had in the dreamscape—from the fantastical tales of dragons and unicorns she’d told me as a kid, to the embarrassing school picture day she’d had in middle school, to the innocent flirting we’d shared in recent years.

Until this week, I’d never so much as hinted we were soul bonds—that was her discovery to make when the time was right—but she’d always been more confident in her dreams than I suspected she was in real life. Still prim and proper, but a little more relaxed. A little more content to let the “darkness” she believed lived inside her rise to the surface. Only a little. Would she be like that now? Would she be relaxed with me in person? Would I freak her out? Goddess, I hoped I didn’t freak her out. Unrequited love was hard enough without her being scared of me.

Riot pulled up in front of the house, cutting the engine, and shooting me an irritated look before exiting the vehicle. I gave him a beaming smile in return, knowing I was on his shit list, but it wouldn’t last long. Riot wasn’t a grudge holder by nature. He was too pessimistic to bother. What was the point in being mad at someone when everything was miserable and life was futile anyway? What a way to live.


Get caught up on the State of Grace series — start with book one, Run Riot, here.

Don't miss Despicable

I was lucky enough to get my greedy hands on an ARC of Despicable by Rory Miles, which is out now! If you love a good rejected mates trope where she kicks that sucker to the curb and gets herself an upgrade, a sexually confident FMC, a sexy harem, and a bit of mystery, then make sure you grab a copy!


High Pack Notice: All rejects must report to Wolfe Island for immediate processing and island assignment.

Since I’m single for life, I’m more than safe from that directive. Or so I thought.

At twenty-seven, I’d given up hope of finding a true mate, which is why I followed my parents on their crazy journey across the country to settle in with a new pack. I didn’t expect to find my mate the second my foot hit the green grass of Pack Ozark’s territory. I also didn’t expect him to reject me when he finds out I’m not pure and untouched.

As he hurls insults at me, all I can think is: screw his rejection. My name is Bellatrix and I’m despicable.

Despicable is a standalone reverse harem romance that is part of the Reject Island shared world, which can be ready in any order. If you don't enjoy rejected mates, cocky shifters, snarky heroines and hot scenes, back away now.

Get it here.

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