Hello! I hope this update finds you well.

My city is currently on lockdown, so I've had a little assistant (and my husband) at home while I work on Silver Bullet, but it's coming along well despite the unexpected circumstances. I missed Grace, Riot, Bullet and the rest of the crew, and I was excited to head back into their world. Keep reading for an exclusive teaser from Silver Bullet.

Thank you so much to everyone who picked up a copy of Scarlet Disaster in the past couple of weeks. Your support and feedback means so much! I know the cliffhanger was a little brutal, but all will be resolved in part two. Speaking of…


These are tentative dates and subject to change! Right now, I plan on releasing Silver Bullet around Halloween and Seeing Red in December. The current preorders on Amazon are only placeholders and will be moved up when the release dates are confirmed.

Watch this space 👀

Colette x

Scarlet Disaster is out now!

Scarlet Disaster is out now! If you've read the Three Bears duet, you may recognize Ria's best friend, Lou, who is the FMC in these books. If not, don't worry! This duet can be read as a standalone.


My name is Lou, but I’ve been known by many names over the years. The junkie’s daughter. The teen bride. The Internet knows me as Scarlet, but in real life, I’m just Lou.

Scarlet is desired. She knows how to flirt, how to seduce, how to win. But Lou… well, I guess I’m still trying to figure that out. After a wake up call with a client that made me realize I was not leading my best life, I decided to make some changes. Stop living online. See the world beyond Fairbanks. Explore.

Except my ex-client isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer, and there are three new guys in town for the winter who insist on coming to my rescue. And all of them are keeping secrets.

Secrets that might explain what bright eyes they have. And what sharp teeth they have. And what big packages they have...

Scarlet Disaster is book one in the Little Red Duet. It is a medium burn reverse harem, loosely inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, for readers age 18+

This duet mentions characters from the Three Bears Duet, but can be read as a standalone.

Read it here.

Silver Bullet Teaser

Below is an extended teaser from Silver Bullet. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into Bullet's head. It's a chaotic place (Note that this excerpt hasn't been proofread and is subject to change).

The best way for me to gain detailed insight into the future was to fall asleep. Nyx delivered visions to me via dreams, and while they weren’t always set in stone and I could always get insight from the Moirai via my card readings, the dreams were by far my most powerful source of knowledge.

However, it was very fucking difficult to fall asleep when the love of my life was in danger, even though I’d already seen a positive outcome. How could I sleep when I was about to meet her for the first time in real life? My Amazing Grace, who had no idea who I was.


We’d meet, and she would realize she’d been in love with me her whole life because I was her LITERAL DREAM MAN. Visitor of her dreams, every night of her life. She couldn’t remember any of them, which wasn’t ideal, but I enjoyed a challenge.

She’d definitely fall in love with me. How could Grace not love me? I was very lovable.

I’d check the cards, just in case.


Empath Found - NEW Hardcovers

Check out these pretties! I wanted to do more fae-like covers for the Empath Found hardcovers that better reflected the whimsical world that Fi and the guys live in. I love how they turned out, what do you think?

Check them out on Amazon.

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