Hello! I hope this finds you well. ARCs for Silver Bullet went out yesterday! It feels a bit surreal that the book is done and in reader hands—I spent longer with this one than I usually do because of lockdown, and now I'm extra nervous about it being out in the world. Silver Bullet comes out next week on Halloween, I hope you enjoy it! Colette x


Below is a teeny steamy teaser from Silver Bullet... I rested my hand on Grace’s hip, encouraging her downwards and I could have sworn her nails dug into my chest in reprimand. Fuck, why was that so hot? I wasn’t sure I wanted her to go full whips-and-chains on me, but if she wanted to tie me to the bed and sit on my face, I wasn’t going to say no. I’d probably beg. © COLETTE RHODES


Get caught up on the State of Grace series — start with book one, Run Riot, here.

A sneak peek at the paperback formatting... 👀


Just having little photo shoots with my own books. Living in New Zealand is great, but it takes forever for books to get here, and I'm so excited that I finally have a full collection of all my babies! For more book photo shoots—as well as teasers and occasionally useful information—follow me on Instagram. There will be an opportunity next week to win a bunch of books from some amazing authors, you definitely don't want to miss it!

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Some of favorite people are also releasing books in October — it's a great time of year to be a reader! Ecstatic (Arcane Mage Series Book 5) by TS Snow Who's ready for more of Char and her harem of heirs? Ecstatic is nearly here, and it has more of everything you've come to love in the Arcane world Get it here. Vera and the Vegas V (The Vegas Omegaverse Part 1) by Sarah Blue and Ashley Bennett A debut sweet omegaverse book by two incredibly talented new authors! This duet is a reverse harem that contains explicit content including MM content, non-binary representation and group activities Get it here. War Crown by Elizabeth Brown The much anticipated sequel to Blood Crown, the RH you've definitely heard about on TikTok that features smut in every chapter. Elizabeth is bringing the heat back in this sequel Get it here.


Lost In Sleepy Hollow by Britt Andrews Sleepy Hollow was supposed to be a legend. It became my reality. After a botched spell, I find myself stuck in an old stone well. I’m terrified and injured, until the handsome and flirtatious Gideon hears my calls for help and I’m rescued. Realization hits me as fast as the sugar crash at the end of a trick or treat haul. I'm not in Wisteria. And it sure as hell isn't 2021. Most of the people are welcoming, accepting me as a part of the town. Then there’s Father Jude, who despises me at first glance. Magistrate Lucian; who is suspicious of my sudden arrival, and Headmaster Bodie who can’t seem to stop staring at me. October is suddenly filled with mystery, murder, and mayhem. Just like that, my favorite season becomes a true nightmare. My name is Hattie Van Tassel and I’m lost in Sleepy Hollow, a town that’s righteous beneath the sun and absolutely depraved beneath the moon. Lost in Sleepy Hollow is a full length spooky why choose romance that features themes that may be disturbing to some readers. Strong language, violence, sexual situations and MM content included. Reader discretion is advised. Get it here.

Good Girl by Sam Hall I live in a world where people are ruled by animalistic impulses and none are more than me. Weak, too easily influenced by others, my kind are best married off to be protected by my mate. So that's what I'm doing, attending soirees and parties with the glittering elite, looking for the man that will complete me. Then I meet him. Orion Ratcliffe, heir to Ratcliffe Industries and all around bad boy, we're shoved together by his parents in the hope of a match. But what he wants is something else altogether. He has three mates, some of the biggest, baddest men in town, each more beautiful than the next. The last thing he needs is another, more socially acceptable partner. So in exchange for my help in deflecting his parents' attentions, he'll Bridgerton the situation, squiring me about town, drawing other men's eyes, helping me find The One. So why is it their gaze I feel on me the most, tracking my every movement? All in the name of protection, of course. Society wants me to be a good girl. They don't want another mate. But fate? She has completely different ideas about our futures. Get it here.

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