How are you? I hope 2022 is off to a good start for you.

It's been nearly a month since Seeing Red came out, and I can't thank you enough if you took the time to pick it up and read Lou's story. I'm already missing the particularly snarky world of Cheeky Fairy Tales, and I'm so excited to work on Bea's duet at some point. If you haven't read Lou's story, start here with Scarlet Disaster.

I've been busy with a bunch of different projects this month—a boxset, a March Madness-style anthology, and a super secret project that I'm giving you an exclusive first look at. Keep scrolling for more info!

Colette R. xx


This month was a whirlwind of editing as the entire Empath Found trilogy got a little makeover. I haven't changed the bones of the story, but I'd like to think I've improved as a writer in the two years since I wrote the books, and I wanted to make sure they were up to a standard I was happy with. I also added roughly 20k of bonus content interspersed throughout, so there's even more of Fi and the guys to enjoy!

The manuscript is currently with the proofreader for final checks, and I'm excited to get it back and jump into formatting. There will definitely be pretty fae-themed artwork on the print interior.

The release date for the complete Empath Found Trilogy is 31 March, and you can preorder it here.

The wrap artwork for the print editions is above, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Raise your hand if you’ve heard of March Madness? ✋🏀

Now, who here has heard of Reader Madness?

I’m teaming up with fourteen other authors for the most ambitious, innovative co-write you’ve read yet!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite reverse harem characters were to meet? And what if evil entities forced these characters to fight to the death and partake in malicious games in order to save their harem members?

Death Match is a four-part series that features your favorite characters fighting it out. At the end of the series, only one character will emerge victorious. 😈

These books will be split into four parts and will be released every week in March! And as a bonus? These books will be completely free.

To make this even more exciting, we’re going to have our very own Reader Madness event, where you guys will get to submit your predictions for the series. Winners will receive numerous paperbacks, ebooks, and gift cards!

For the latest information, make sure you're part of a Facebook reader group (either mine or any of the participating authors!), and be sure to check out the books above so you know which character you're rooting for 😘


🖤 Monsters 🖤

🖤 Arranged marriage 🖤

🖤 MF 🖤

🖤 Knotting 🖤

Full announcement coming soon, watch this space!

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That's all from me! For the latest updates, weekly teasers and giveaways, don't forget to join the reader group on Facebook Thank you for all your support. Stay safe.

Colette R. xx
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