Let's get Wild!

The next book in the State of Grace series is called Wild Game, and the cover art is above. What do you think? In lieu of a blurb (because I despise writing blurbs) there's a teaser below from Wild's POV, but please note that it contains spoilers. Do not read if you haven't read Silver Bullet! It's also unedited, subject to change, etc.

“No Grace?” I asked flatly. Weird. I thought I’d enjoy speaking in the dreamscape, that it would be an opportunity to get out all the words that I kept bottled in, but I’d gotten used to not speaking. The silence was a habit now.

“Not that she’d remember any of this anyway,” Bullet began with a frustrated look that he quickly wiped off his face. “But I didn’t want you to feel pressured to share what I’m going to ask you to share.”

“You want to know why I can't speak,” I stated, cataloguing the way my voice sounded, the sensation of my muscles moving as I spoke.

“No,” Bullet replied lightly, tilting his head to the side. He really was so fucking attractive. “I want to know why you smell of the gods.”

“The answers are one and the same.”

“Ah. It was a punishment,” Bullet mused. These people had no sense of self-preservation. The appropriate response to finding out someone was cursed by the gods was to run very fucking far in the other direction.


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